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Our shoes travel by boat

Most of our production takes place in Vietnam and the Far East, which is far away from where the majority of the products are sold (Scandinavia). We, however, choose sea freight in almost all cases, which makes the emissions low, even though the distance traveled is high. We only choose air transport if there are no other options as this emits around 20 times more emissions than transportation by sea. However, during product development, we send product and material samples with flight as the time aspect is critical.

As a part of Icebug’s yearly reporting of climate impact, we measure all our transports:

* Transportation of products to warehouse

* Transportation products to customers

* Business travel

* Staff commute to work

All the transports listed above account for less than 10% of the total climate impact of Icebug’s total business from a lifecycle perspective. See the up-to-date figures in our sustainability report.

We can and will definitely do more to reduce this impact from our transports, for instance by looking for more sustainable fuel for boat transport and for our own vehicles.

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