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Give your feet more love

With Icebug Insoles Fat and Slim, you can make a bad shoe good and a good shoe even better

Icebug Insoles are designed in Sweden based on a world patent from Ortolab, Scandinavia's leading manufacturer of orthopedic foot beds. A simple, effective, and high quality product - as always from Icebug.

Icebug Insoles work with the foot's natural movement and are designed to provide the support needed at each stage of the step. To ensure adequate support for the foot's arches without inhibiting natural movement, the insoles flex with you to provide dynamic support. It effectively protects the foot arches from collapsing while allowing the foot muscles to work and maintain strength.
Icebug Insoles are a simple solution for the support you need. Instead of spending time and money buying expensive custom orthotics, you just select your desired thickness, size, and arch height.
How to easily try out the right insole for you:






For who?
Whether you are an athlete, are on your feet a lot at work, or just want to add a bit of comfort to your life, Icebug Insoles will improve your shoe-wearing experience. The footbeds provide the right support, right where needed, throughout the entire step. They reduce the risk of injury, provide an energy return with each step, and give your feet a more comfortable everyday life.
Icebug Insoles Fat - Cushioning and comfort
Fat is the footbed for people seeking comfort. It combines shock absorption with the unique dynamic support Icebug Insoles offer. Fat fits in most shoes with a removable insole and is ideal for walking, running, and other everyday activities.
Icebug Insoles Slim - For cycling shoes, running shoes, cleats, and slim shoes
Icebug Insoles Slim is the thinner version of our footbed. It fits in everything from soccer, cycling and running shoes to sneakers and other shoes with a tighter fit. The insoles provide the same support as Fat but with slightly less cushioning.
Three good things!
For the transverse foot arch:
The metatarsal pad. At first it may feel a little different, but once you get used to the \"little pillow\" placed under the front foot selection, you will really appreciate it. It causes muscles and tendons that have been inactive to start working again. In the middle of a step, the whole body weight rests on the foot. The metatarsal pad then provides dynamic support to the front foot arch, thereby promoting its natural movement pattern.
For longitudinal foot arch:
As body weight is moved forward, the foot arches are flattened out to absorb the shocks. The dynamics in the soles help the arches regain their natural form.
For the heel:
In heel placement, the sole's soft layer is compressed, which gathers the fat pad into the heel and improves the shock absorption.
Problems that can be prevented with Icebug insoles:
Tendon inflammation (the precursor to the heel spur)
Runner's knee
Nerve constriction at the metatarsal foot arch (Morton's Toe or Morton's Neuroma)
Bunions (Hallux valgus or deformed big toe bone joint)
Inflammation and lower leg pain
Big toe joint pain (Hallux rigidus)
Stretched heel cushion
Lowered longitudinal arch of foot (flat feet)
Hip and lower back problems
Choose the insole, Fat or Slim, in the size that fits your shoes. Then select your foot arch height: low, medium or high. After you have found the right insoles for you, and you are ready to start using them, take out the insole that is already in the shoe. Place them on top of the Icebug Insoles. If the Icebug Insoles are bigger than the insoles that were in the shoe, you will want to do a bit of trimming. Trace the old insoles on top of the Icebug Insoles, then cut along the line to trim off the excess. Slide the trimmed insoles in the shoes, put them on your feet, and off you go!
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