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New entry: hemp.

Our commitment to reduce the climate impact by using better materials continues. Our latest innovation is Larvik, our first hemp shoe!

Best for the planet - best for your feet

We developed Larvik Hemp Biosole for two reasons. First, we wanted to make a shoe that would reduce our dependence on oil and decrease our climate footprint. In addition to that, we also wanted to produce a shoe with an extra comfortable foot climate. Our "Eureka!" that was when we combined hemp with nubuck leather - and Larvik Hemp Biosole was born!

Hemp: the miraculous material of mother nature

Hemp is an excellent material in many ways. It is a biomaterial that binds CO2; it grows rapidly and only needs 1/3 of the water to grow, compared to cotton. In addition, it is a resistant and durable material, breathable and with natural antibacterial properties.

Larvik hemp biosole

Larvik is designed for people with an active and sustainable lifestyle. It features great comfort and a large and airy tip made to handle long hikes in any environment, from urban environments to forests and mountains. The combination of hemp and nubuck leather makes the shoe water-repellent and gives Larvik excellent thermoregulatory properties. Cools your feet when it's hot and warms them when it's cold.



Coffee / Black




13 kg CO2 eqv. per pair
22% recycled materials
37% bio-based materials

Sole in natural rubber

Larvik Hemp Biosole comes with Icebug Biosole's new rubber sole, made primarily of natural rubber with about half the climate impact of synthetic rubber. This durable rubber outsole stays soft in all temperatures, ensuring good grip all year round.

Always positive for the climate!

Icebug is the world's leading manufacturer of climate-friendly outdoor shoes and follows the United Nations Climate Neutral Now initiative. We measure the greenhouse gas emissions of the entire company, reduce them as much as possible and annually compensate the emissions that cannot be removed by investing in UN certified projects that reduce greenhouse gases.

Larvik Biosole is also available in a 100% nubuck leather version:

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