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Care and repair

The Customer Service team offer sustainable service options to extend product lifetime

Don’t buy a pair of shoes if you don’t need them. When you do need them, make sure that you choose a product carefully and look after it so that it serves the intended purpose – for you or somebody else – for as long as possible.

Help from Icebug

Replace – or visit your local shoemaker

The Icebug Customer Service team offers our customers sustainable service options to extend product lifetime by taking care of shoes with replacement parts such as new laces, insocks, studs, zippers, and leather/textile treatments after cleaning.

When possible, customers are encouraged to visit their local shoemaker to repair shoes with minor defects, where the shoes are otherwise in a wearable condition. Icebug offers reimbursement for minor repairs instead of the customer throwing away or replacing the shoes.

A good example of aftercare is the replacement of lost studs. We send out replacement studs free of charge and have a simple and successful method of attaching them. This significantly prolongs the life of the shoes.

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At Icebug Customer Service we are actively trying to make repairs, however small, as environmentally friendly as possible. By supplying retailers and shoemakers with spare studs, we are eliminating unnecessary shipping from/to end customers, who can have a repair done locally.

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Clean, care and protect

It’s important to keep in mind that shoes need sufficient protection against water and dirt. Remember to impregnate your shoes periodically, with the most sustainable conditioning products.

Caring for Leather Shoes

Clean your shoes with a leather cleaner or leather shampoo and use a good quality brush to remove surface dirt. If your shoes are wet after cleaning, let them air-dry before you proceed with the next step.

Care and conditioning are critical to nourish the leather, to keep it soft and supple, and to provide long-lasting shine. A good shoeshine cloth is not only great for buffing your shoes, but it also works wonders for the gentle application of shoe creams and conditioners. Water-/weatherproofing takes place after your shoes are conditioned and shined. Usually, this comes in spray form and is specifically formulated for the material you want to treat. There are also some shoe cream products that combine Care and Conditioning with Water-/weatherproofing.

Caring for suede and nubuck leather shoes

Clean your shoes with leather shampoo or cleaning foam. A Suede and Nubuck Rubber and a Suede and Nubuck Brush are great for the removal of loose surface dirt. If you have a stain, use a stain remover that is specifically formulated for suede and nubuck materials. If your shoes are wet after cleaning, let them air-dry before you proceed with the next step.

Care and Conditioning is very important for Suede and Nubuck Leather Care. There are products available that protect, condition and revive the color of this particular material. The nap of Suede and Nubuck Leather needs to be brushed up frequently to preserve the unique look of the material. For oiled nubuck use a conditioner which replaces the oil that the leather loses over time.

Water-/weatherproofing is particularly important for the preventive maintenance of this sensitive material. Treat your Suede or Nubuck Shoes with water- and stain-repellant spray designed explicitly for this material. Repeat this process regularly to keep up the protective film.

Caring for Fashion and Patent Leather Shoes

Clean your shoes with mild leather shampoo or gentle cleaning foam and use a good quality brush to remove loose surface dirt.

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