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Comfort at every step

Running has never been so comfortable

At Icebug, we are of the simple opinion that running should be conducted outdoors, regardless of season, weather or surface. With Arcus at your feet, it's easier than ever.

More cushioning for everyone

Arcus has been developed to make running as comfortable as possible. The shoe has very generous cushioning and a wide midsole to ensure maximum comfort. Arcus features an EVA midsole to evenly distribute weight and provide stability while running. The shape of the Arcus is made to give you a nice "roll" as you run, guiding your stride forward and relieving pressure on your heels.

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The choice is yours!
100% dry feet

Don't let water, mud or snow stop you from getting out into nature. Arcus comes with the waterproof GORE-TEX Invisible membrane. As the name suggests, the membrane is invisible. However, invisibility isn't just an advantage. It is soft and flexible, which means you don't feel anything while running. High-performance waterproof shoes have never been so comfortable!

Grip where you need it

Arcus is an Icebug shoe, so you know it offers the best possible grip. The textured outsole has large rubber lugs that provide grip on wet stones. These lugs are wide, ensuring that the clay is thrown off the tread as you run. The tread is designed to give you a good grip on all slopes and directions, without getting weighed down by clay and mud.

Good for you, good for the planet

All products consume the planet's resources. But you do need running shoes, so make sure you choose a pair that has minimal impact on the climate. Arcus, like all Icebug shoes, is made to last a long time, and is produced with low climate impact materials. As part of our ongoing efforts to reduce our dependence on oil, Arcus is made from sustainable materials, including bluesign® certified polyester made from recycled PET bottles, recycled fishing nets and algae harvested from lakes with damagingly dense algae populations. .

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