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Workers conditions: Code of Conduct

Workers have strong unions and can affect their daily work

Our strategy for securing that people are not exploited making Icebug products has relied heavily on working directly with a few good footwear factories, and second-tier suppliers for key components, spending a lot of time on site, checking that conditions are acceptable.

Factories must have a high standard to get operation permits from government and to pass third-party audits. They also have to create an inviting environment for the workers. Our factories are all high level in workmanship quality, proper safety and cleaning systems. Workers have strong unions and can affect their daily working times, the company lunch menu, salaries and healthcare. Workers live with their families and commute either with their scooters or public transportation.

Code of conduct - Icebug AB - 20191029  

Icebug operates according to the following 9 principles, as a basic sustainability level that we expect at all levels of the Icebug value chain. We have set a time table (see pdf below) for the next steps. Due to the Corona situation the time table might be delayed as we cannot travel to visit the factories.

1. Icebug endorses and strives to comply to the following international declarations:

* The UN Global Compact initiative,

* The United Nation’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights (

* The International Labor Organization’s (ILO) Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work

2. Of course Icebug complies with labor laws and regulations in the countries where we are active.

3. We actively use our resources and knowledge to improve processes and labour conditions at our partner factories. Icebug employees spend minimum 150 working days a year at suppliers’ facilities to ensure our standards are met.

4. We strive for continuous improvement of the labor conditions in the Icebug value chain.

5. We establish long-term business relations with our suppliers where cost is only one part of their value offer to Icebug. Quality aspects including environmental and social sustainability standard are equally important.

6. We believe in mutual learning to raise the sustainability level including workers conditions, and that this will allow Icebug and our suppliers to grow together on a market with growing sustainability concern.

7. We are open with where we source and produce our products and components.

8. We believe in openness and exchange of information between brands about labor conditions and other sustainability information, to raise the level in the footwear sector and to avoid unnecessary workload on the production facilities (by sharing we also optimize the work).

9. If we need to find new suppliers, we preferably work with partners that have been audited by recognized third-party audit organisations.

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