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Want to help us make a difference?

Are you good at what you do, like Icebug, and share our values?
Maybe you run a project, a non-profit association, a blog or something else that revolves around an active life outdoors. Icebug is always looking for interesting people to share our journey ahead.
What do we want to know?
* Your name and place of residence

* What kind of collaboration (e.g. tester, sales agent, organization, etc.)

* Name and information about the channels you engage in

* What subjects / work are you passionate about? (E.g. run, walk, dog owner, ultra trailer, etc.)

* Who are you contacting? Who are your followers?

* What in your life makes Icebug a natural choice?

* How do you want the collaboration to be? What can you offer?

Send your proposal to and we will contact you if your proposal is something we would like to pursue.

Thank you for helping to lead the work for a more sustainable world and a more active outdoor life - all year round!
/ We at Icebug
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