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Aura ReWool RB9X

The sneaker of the future is here.

Aura ReWool is the next-generation sneaker from Icebug. Never before has there been an everyday shoe with such a soft and lovely feeling for the feet. The secret? The new SuperC midsole is our most well-cushioned sole to date. You can't get any closer to the feeling of walking on clouds.

In Aura ReWool, we have invested in as many natural materials as possible: Wool, natural rubber and recycled materials. The airy upper part is made with 50% recycled wool, and under the sole, you have Icebug's grip rubber RB9X.


Aura ReWool RB9X

The perfect casual walking shoe, with a light airy upper and top-notch comfort.


9 kg CO2 eqv. per pair


31% recycled materials


21% bio based materials



The wool upper is made with waste wool that comes from Swedish Woolpower's production. Material that would otherwise be wasted gets a new life.



Outsole with 27% natural rubber and 15% recycled rubber.

Tested and proven grip for the summer

Whether you want to run a trail, participate in a swimrun, or just take a walk in the city, the experience will be better with a good grip under your feet. RB9X is the technology that gives you the best non-studded grip. RB9X is our rubber compound that is developed to give you secure traction on both wet and dry surfaces. The RB9X soles have different shapes to fit different activities, but the rubber mixture that they are made of is the same. And of course, the grip is always just as good!

The grip that stands the test of time

When you have a solid grip, it becomes more fun to wear your shoes. So, you will want to use your RB9X shoes a lot. That's why we have made them so durable! The wear resistance of our RB9X soles is up to 50 percent higher than what is recommended for asphalt running shoes.


Looking for something else?

This is how we reduce our climate footprint.

We at Icebug are serious about our climate work. We follow the UN's Climate Neutral Now initiative, measure the entire company's greenhouse gas emissions, and constantly change materials and processes to get a lower climate footprint. Our shoes will have a climate footprint lower than 6.4 kilos of CO2 per pair by 2030. Along the way, we share our materials and suppliers through our initiative for transparency, Follow the Footprints.

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