Icebug | Which running shoe should you choose?

Running should be fun – wearing the right shoes will decide. We have running shoes for both world champions and beginners. With this guide we hope to make it a little easier to find the right pair.

Outrun RB9X®

OutRun is our most comfortable trail shoe, optimized for running on gravel roads, forest roads and paths. Perfect for the everyday exerciser who wants a well-cushioned shoe with good grip. The OutRun is also popular with runners who traverse far into the forest.

In addition to being a comfortable, high performance running shoe, OutRun is also the best choice you can make for the environment. The midsole contains algae that is harvested from water sources that contain harmful algae blooms. We include recycled rubber from our own production in the outsole and have managed to make a durable upper with 100% recycled polyester. In short: OutRun is a big step towards a less dirty shoe industry.

Outrun RB9X®